Why Langlois is or should be world famous

So are the citizens of Langlois delusional??



1) We take pride in the fact that the name Langlois stirs up so much interest in the pronunciation. The subject is a great ice breaker  and is often the first question asked by visitors.

Langlois is a variant of the French "L'anglais" meaning the Englishman which seems to indicate the family name started when some English showed in France post-Norman conquest era. The variations in pronunciation stem from Anglicization and then Americanization down through the years.  There are variations still among Guernsey (home of our founding family) and Jersey Islands The name is not quite on par with the Welsh town of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwy rndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. So really, one might  we have it easy, but  is still up for debate.  One of most accepted version is Langless stemming from a phonetic version of the 1860 Federal census of our Founding Family




However, the citation in Oregon's Names; How to Say Them and Where They are Located? by Bert Webber ( a well respected historian) lists the pronunciation as LANG lois.

The locals have their own take on the name: Lang lois  Langwau, Lang o ise, Lang lewis , Lang lis , Lang loy and probably more. Here are some samples from us locals. 

Brian Doyle and visit to Langlois Library

Brian Doyle, one of Oregon’s most beloved and prolific author visited our library for a great evening in the spring of 2015. More than just sadly, he died of complications of a brain tumor in the spring of 2017. He was a raconteur of uncommon quality, but more than that, he loved to hear people’s stories.

He was also known for being very frugal with his use of “ periods”. He was an eassayist, a novelist,an editor and much more –trying his hand at at what he called “ proems”. Indeed, when I read his first novel, Mink River, it seemed as if the entire narrative was a poem.

So as it happens, Brian wrote an essay about his visit to our library, unbeknownst to us until a book member browsed through a book on a library display commemorating his extraordinary life.

First, an obituary link and then a video of one of his presentation on Mink River.

Lake Oswego author Brian Doyle dies at age 60 | OregonLive.com


ttp://www.ci.oswego.or.us/loreads/2012-mink-river. Click on Mink River Complete Site.


  Read more about Brian Doyle and visit to Langlois Library

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Wanted: Images of Whalen's Cafe, Stormy's, Gigi's bar (where the library is now)

A visitor recently asked

I love seeing the historic pictures of Langlois posted on the website. I wonder if anyone has one of Whalen's Cafe which later became Stormy's, then finally became Gigi's before it burned.

It would be great to do a feature on all that location.   There are so many stories about what went on there but nobody ever had a smart phone or yelp back then I guess.  If anyone has some images or stories to share we'd love to see them.  We have a pretty good scanner any old pics would be neat and we can return the originals.


Let us know! Read more about Wanted: Images of Whalen's Cafe, Stormy's, Gigi's bar (where the library is now)


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