Update on World Famous Langlois

Have You Seen the Langlois Visitors Guide?


LANGLOIS - Some may remember 5 years ago when the residents of Langlois and the Oregon Department of Transportation had a disagreement. The residents wanted the speed limit to go down and ODOT, after a speed zone study, wanted it to go up. The limits were changed, and arguments ensued, with some residents, armed with pickup trucks and shovels, “offering” to move the signs back. ODOT did find a way to put everything back the way it was and the whole incident was filed under “Be careful what you wish for”.


However … the event had a ripple effect. ODOT suggested that Langlois didn’t have enough “roadside culture” (ODOT lingo) for drivers to believe they were entering a town, despite all of the usual highway signs. Through a collective effort, fundraising and generous donations, and with the help of the County, signs welcoming visitors to World Famous Langlois were placed at each end of town.


The signs triggered some of the recognition Langlois deserves when, in 2016, Via Magazine mentioned local businesses, opening with “Sly signs marking tiny Langlois declare it world famous – and who’s to say its not?”


Why world famous, you asked? And the WorldFamousLanglois.com website was created to bring more awareness to the community.


But why stop there? Three members of the original sign committee volunteered to create another vehicle to boast about the place they call home, and the Langlois Visitors Guide was born in 2016. Yes, there is enough going on in Langlois to fill a guide! And in 2019 (the third printing), over 1,000 copies were distributed in visitors’ centers from North Bend to Gold Beach, and in local businesses, campgrounds and motels north and south. Creation and distribution of the Guide is by volunteers, and participation in the Guide is by donation, with the help of Friends of the Langlois Library as the Guide’s fiscal sponsor.


If you haven’t seen the Guide yet, it’s posted on the Langlois website. If you’d like to be kept in the loop on Langlois happenings, please sign up for the Event Cryer on WorldFamousLanglois.com and you’ll receive emails announcing music, sales, special events, and more.


What’s next, you ask? We’ve got some ideas up our sleeves, but why wait to stop by? Visitors are always welcome to World Famous Langlois!