Langlois, Port Orford and Pacific High School Yearbooks Online

High School yearbooks offer a unique time capsule of the adolescent years. Assembled, edited, and produced by teens, they are pictorial essays of students experiencing the last four years of formal education---those weighty years of physical and mental maturation preceding early adulthood. From 1937 through the present, 2CJ high schools have created records of the past, often with limited resources or tools for production. From the earliest publications using actual snapshots glued to paper with captions and commentary typed on manual typewriters threaded with inked cotton ribbons, to the present computer generated editions, the community’s high school yearbooks are not only nostalgic in nature, but capture a record of school reformation and relocation; curriculums that were expanded or modified; extracurricular activities in the arts, sports, and career-based organizations; adolescent trends and lifestyles; occasional social ignorance; the transformation of technology across the years; the changing landscapes that surrounded the physical buildings, the staff that monitored and gave instruction; and business sponsors that came and went.

Through the cooperation of a small group of dedicated 2CJ alumni and local history preservationists, volunteers at Bandon History Museum, Port Orford Library’s willingness to share inventory, two webmasters, the cooperation of 2CJ’s administration, and funding by the Alan and Brenda Mitchell Port Orford Community Foundation, the yearbooks of Langlois High School, Port Orford High School, and Pacific High School can now be researched online. In a freeze frame lineup of publications beginning in 1937 and continuing through 2023, yearbooks can be viewed utilizing two different websites: the World-Famous Langlois, Oregon website available at, and the Port Orford Historical Photos website at It is a work in progress intended to culminate in complete compilations of all the relevant years with the results being stored in the local history collections of Bandon History Museum, Cape Blanco Heritage Society, Curry Historical Society, and Pacific High School.

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If you have information that will help locate the missing years, please contact the 2CJ administration office, the webmaster on the site you are using, or Bandon History Museum. At the present time, those missing years are:

  • Langlois High School: 1940, 1942, and 1943
  • Port Orford High school: 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943
  • Pacific High School:   2004


Yearbook Image Galleries

Langlois High School Yearbooks Gallery --- Panther Tracks

Port Orford High School Yearbooks Gallery --- The Pirates

Pacific High School Yearbooks Gallery --- Pacific Pirates
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Fun with Langlois and the Machine Leant AI ChatGPT-4

Lets see how much that vaulted super smart AI knows about Langlois Oregon: (using

What is the history of Langlois Oregon?

ChatGPT I'm sorry, but I couldn't find any specific information about a place called "Langlois" in Oregon in my training data. It's possible that Langlois is a small community or a lesser-known location. Without more context or details, it's challenging to provide an accurate history. If you can provide more information about Langlois or any specific aspects you're interested in, I'll do my best to assist you.

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Why is langlois Oregon World Famous?

ChatGPT Langlois, Oregon is not widely known as a "world-famous" destination. It is a small rural community located on the southern coast of Oregon. The town itself has a population of just a few hundred people and is primarily known for its scenic beauty and its proximity to popular tourist attractions.

However, it's possible that there might be a specific aspect or attraction in or around Langlois that has gained some recognition or acclaim. Without more specific information, it's difficult to provide an accurate answer. If you can provide more details about what specifically makes Langlois "world-famous" in your question, I can try to provide a more tailored response.

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what is the history of the Langlois Cheese factory in Oregon?

ChatGPT The Langlois Cheese Factory, located in Langlois, Oregon, has a rich history rooted in the local dairy industry. Here's an overview of its history: The Langlois Cheese Factory was established in 1953 by the Langlois family. It started as a small dairy farm and gradually expanded to include a cheese production facility. The family saw the potential to create high-quality cheeses using the abundant milk supply from the local area. Over the years, the Langlois Cheese Factory gained recognition for its artisanal cheeses, made with traditional techniques and using local ingredients. The factory specialized in crafting a variety of cheese types, including cheddar, Colby, Monterey Jack, and curds. The Langlois Cheese Factory became a local landmark, attracting visitors who were eager to taste and purchase their delicious cheeses. It also played a significant role in supporting the local economy by providing employment opportunities and supporting the dairy industry. Unfortunately, in recent years, the Langlois Cheese Factory faced financial difficulties and was forced to close its doors. The closure was a significant loss to the community and to cheese enthusiasts who appreciated the factory's products. While the Langlois Cheese Factory may no longer be operational, its legacy and impact on the local area remain a part of the region's history. Visitors and locals alike still appreciate the role it played in promoting the dairy industry and producing exceptional cheeses.

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Langlois Cheese Factory music and artisan festival


Sunday, June 25, 2023 - 11:00am

On June 25th, the lush pastures of Langlois will be the backdrop for the SUMMERTIME Music and Artisan Festival. This all-day, outdoor event will start at 11:00 a.m. with old-timey and Americana music; followed by Reb and the Good News’ blend of funk, world beat, and rich, melodic vocals. Nashville-based The Travelin’ McCourys – a phenomenal bluegrass band, whose roots run deep in the genre – will carry forward the musical tradition of Bill Monroe and Del McCoury, while bending that tradition toward untethered artists such as Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. To round out the festival, Chicago-based Lowdown Brass Band will fuse their powerful, all-horn dancehall and street beat rhythms with the lyrical muscle of hip-hop artist MC Billa Camp, to deliver an epic, “GETDOWN” dance party.

Artists and artisans from the region will set up around the lawn to sell their hand-made wares, and vendors will be serving food, beer, and wine. Bring your blankets, chairs, and picnic basket, spread out on the lawn, and enjoy! And bring the kids, they’re free, but please, NO DOGS. This event will run from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., ideally under summer skies…. but it is the Oregon coast, so pack the wool and Grundens!


Tickets are $35.00 in advance, and $40.00 at the door --- until sold out!

For tickets please visit:

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