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Langlois has a new librarian!

 A new full-time library director, Cynthia Hovind, joined the Langlois Public Library District last week. According to district board chair Susan Orbom, “Cynthia’s enthusiastic personality, her interesting background, and her professional experience as a rural librarian make her a perfect fit for our community. We are thrilled to have her on our staff.”

Ms. Hovind is delighted to be back on the Southern Coast. She comes to Langlois from Fall City (near Salem) and has also lived in Alaska and the San Juan Islands as well as Bandon some years ago. Educated in the Northwest, as an undergraduate at Evergreen College she focused on Native American Studies and earned her Masters degree at University of Oregon. She is a practiced storyteller and apprentice basket maker. On a good day, you will find her reading science fiction in her spare time and dabbling in her vegetable garden.

Planning is underway for al fresco summer events at Langlois Library including an outdoor book sale, concert/ice cream social and movie nights on the lawn. The Friends of LPL who are sponsoring these events would welcome new members. Inquire at the library. Donations of gently used books are now being accepted.

There is still time (until March 18) to run for the LPL special district board, a wonderful community service opportunity. See the Curry County Clerk’s website .

Patrons can place holds online and find information about new books, library events, book donations, elections, and much more on the library website . Another great source of information and amusing library tidbits is the LPL facebook page.

LPL will maintain its current schedule of curbside service and limited entrance by appointment weekdays, 11 AM through 4:30 PM, for the next few weeks with the intention of being fully open in the near future. Watch the website and the reader board on the lawn for changes. Read more about Langlois has a new librarian!

RIP Dan Heinzman -- Amazing Langois Computer Geek -- Respect

Geeks know each other.  I've known Dan since he was a little kid.. he was a geek then and died a geek the other day.  Dang.  We'd swap geek jobs once in a while.. if I couldn't do a job maybe I'd phone Dan and have him take care of some problem with some windows system and I knew he'd do a good job. And he'd do the same for me (one time he fobbed this lawyer video conference job off on me that was a giant nightmare but it was at a good rate .. thanks Dan .. you ashole heh ).  We weren't buddies but we were geeks working in a small town and it was nice to know if I got a call I couldn't do .. i'd know Dan would fix some old ladies computer and not over charge her and he'd do a good job.    Like one time, we're at the Langlois market trying to debug this photo machine Jake bought from rite aide before it got bought out and no NT password .. i'm like sheesh.. ok .. Dan pulls out a boot crack CD (he had one in his car like a true geek does)  that lets us hack the password and reset the system so Jake can use this thing.. and he did it for nothing..just being a good neighbor.  Dan did the local libraries PC work.. cobbling together the crappy systems and making them work with old hardware and .. he just made it work. So he's gone ..


The covid got him and he died.  Mask up and wash your hands.  It's no joke .. one of our own in Langlois is dead.  I'll miss you bro




-z Read more about RIP Dan Heinzman -- Amazing Langois Computer Geek -- Respect

Frankie MacDonald: Powerful Storm to Hit Oregon on Saturday November 14, 2020

Powerful Storm is on its way for Oregon on Saturday November 14, 2020 and it will start on Friday November 13, 2020 during evening hours and it will bring a lot of Rain and Wind and it will Cause Wind Driven Rain and Sideways Rain in Portland Oregon and Medford Oregon including West Coast of Oregon and Eugene and Salem Oregon and Vancouver Washington and it is Capable of Bringing down Power Lines and Snapping Tree Branches in Half and Knocking out Power and it will bring Big Waves Crashing the Beaches and Shores of Oregon and it will bring a lot of Snow up in the Mountains and it will Cause Power Outages and Howling Winds and there is a Powerful Low Pressure System heading for West Coast of Oregon and it will bring Heavy Winds with a lot of Rain that will Cause some Flooding and Puddles on the Streets of Oregon. People in Oregon Be Prepared Have your Rubber Boots, Rain Coats and Rain Suits Ready. When you Go Outside Wear your Rain Gear Rubber Boots and Rain Coats to Keep you Dry. Order your Pizzas and Chinese Food and Buy Cases of Pepsi and Coke. Have your Samsung Galaxys, Samsung Galaxy Smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, Smartphones, Cell Phones, Laptops and Tablets Charged and Have your 3G, 4G, 5G and LTE Internet Ready. Don't Walk through the Puddles and Avoid the Puddles while you are walking on the Streets and Stay Away from the Beaches and Don't Go Near the Shores. If you Have anybody Living in Oregon be Prepared for Powerful Storm on Saturday November 14, 2020. take Care and Stay Safe and Don't Get Caught in the Powerful Storm Stay Dry and Be Safe.

Frankie's youtube give him some love.  Thanks for looking out for us Frankie Read more about Frankie MacDonald: Powerful Storm to Hit Oregon on Saturday November 14, 2020


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