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RIP Josiah Selvy class valedictorian Pacific Highschool

 Josiah James Wallace Selvy 18, was ripped from our world on New Years Day 2024. Siah a resident of Port Ordord, Oregon left behind his mother Amanda, sister Serinity, Nick, Bruiser Bear, a plethora of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, extended family and friends.
Josiah graduated Pacific High school in June as class valedictorian. He was a proud Pirate and played post on the high school basketball team. He had a flare for life, loved the outdoors and worked hard. Josiah adored his family and could often be found hanging out with them. He loved with his whole heart and will be greatly missed by all who knew him.



So sorry dang F*** .. nothing else to say to make anything better about this. It's heartbraking.   


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[BOIL WATER LIFTED ALL IS GOOD] Langlois Water update as of 3:15 Pm 30 Nov 23

Langlois Water update as of 315 Pm 30 Nov 23. The water system is flushed and cleared from the shutoff in the line to the water plant. The plant continues to make water. We are at 1/3 of capacity now. With the flushing and community use it's going to take a while to catch up. The coliform test is submitted to McGowan Clinical Lab. They said they will have the results back to us by 2pm tomorrow. I asked for expedited results if possible due to our situation. They said they would try.

Bottom line, the water is on, it will take some time for the folks at higher elevation to receive water again. It is a gravity fed system. We are just waiting for the test results and State approval to lift the Boil Water Notice.


-Langlois Water District

From Floras Creek Coffee Co.

Hey now! Just got off phone with Oregon Department of Agriculture and temperatures on Strada espresso machine (200F) and our drip machine (195F) are good to bypass boil notice when it takes effect. We will be doing more extensive hand washing with utensils when boil notice is on. All good! Dang! We do appreciate the folks that keep our water system up and running, thank you Langois Water District!!

Dan from Langlois commented "We are making water all night tonight and are confident we can perform the flush in the morning."
-- If not, consult your urologist.   Nice one Dan! Read more about [BOIL WATER LIFTED ALL IS GOOD] Langlois Water update as of 3:15 Pm 30 Nov 23

Important notice to Langlois Water District Customers - UPDATE!

The repair to the valve and mainline have been made. A big shout out and thank you to Bandon Water Utilities folks!!
Update. You should all have water available now However, the Boil Water Notice is in effect and we ask you to conserve until tomorrow morning. The mainline was not opened up as part of the repair (they were able to patch it). As with all water systems algae etc. collect inside all pipes, when water pressure is lowered or disrupted it causes those particulates to break free and wash through the system.
The leak was significant enough to pretty much drain the main storage tank before it could be fixed, as a result we must create enough processed water to fill the main storage tank to a level where we can safely flush the whole system. We are making water all night tonight and are confident we can perform the flush in the morning around 8-9 Am. After which all users should run their home systems to ensure clear water is present. Once all water tests results from the established points come back clean and approved, the boil water notice will be lifted by the State at which time we will pass the info to you.
Thank You,
*Important notice to Langlois Water District Customers***
Langlois Water District is addressing a leaking blow out valve on the mainline below the water plant. There is no contamination to the water supply at this point. We are contacting contractors who can repair this valve leak and are awaiting responses from them so we may establish a date and time for repair. Once that is established A temporary shut off of water service will be required with a boil water notice. We will post a hard copy notice at the market, library, post office and office door. Electronic information will be posted through this website and Langlois Water District Thank you.

Home and Away:  The Impact of World Wars I and II on Southern Coos and Northern Curry Counties in Oregon by Bonnie Jensen Cox and Jerry Cox

Local history authors Bonnie Jensen Cox and Jerry Cox have combined efforts to produce Home and Away:  The Impact of World Wars I and II on Southern Coos and Northern Curry Counties in Oregon.  The study offers a well-documented narration of what life was like for people living on the local homefront during World Wars I and II.  Among the questions addressed are: How were national and state mandates for enlistments, rationing, and war readiness implemented locally?; What was the impact of war on families, education, the local economy, and community cohesiveness?; In the aftermath, what solutions were there for handling post-traumatic stress, war-related injuries, and surplus items?   

The boundary for the study is the legal border that encompasses today’s Port Orford-Langlois School District 2CJ, inclusive of the area from Laurel Grove in Coos County to Mussel Creek near Prehistoric Gardens in Curry County. The eastern border of the study extends to the historic town of Eckley.  The authors have compiled a list of men and women who served during the two wars---inclusive of all residents who lived within the boundary of the study at some point in their lives.

Special attention has been given to the young men who lost their lives during the two wars ---their back stories and the circumstances leading to their final denouement described. The 520- page work is published in hardback and includes 200 pages of color images and maps to validate the study. 

Because it is the authors’ goal to put the information out to the public and make it affordable, the selling price of the book is well below the actual printing cost.  Interested parties can find the publication at both the Langlois and Port Orford libraries, and soon it will be available at the Curry Historical Society.  For further information, contact bonjercox@gmail, text 541-404-2490, or phone 541-808-0270. 

Other books by Bonnie Jensen Cox are:  1.  The Story Behind the Treble Clef:  Family Roots in Denmark Oregon; and 2.  School Evolution:  A Study of Southern Coos and Northern Curry School Origins.


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