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Langlois Lions Mary Hildebrand Memorial Plant sale, Fri May 17- Sat May 18 9 am to 4 pm

Langlois Lions Mary Hildebrand Memorial Plant sale, Fri May 17- Sat May 18 9 am to 4 pm


The Langlois Lions Club is hosting the Mary Hildebrand Memorial Plant sale, Friday May 17 and Saturday May 18, from 9 am to 4 pm. at the Lions club house 48136 Floras Lake Loop, Langlois. Again, the sale promises to be one of the best of any world famous Langlois events. Visitors should find that the wide variety of tomatoes, veggie starts, house plants including succulents and yard greenery is sure to please. The highlights: Native plant expert and master gardener on hand both days to answer questions from seeding to pruning, etc. Gary Carter, a well-known retired nursery man will offer copies of his books including one great compendium of herbs.

Other features: David Woof's beautiful pottery, a great selection of specialty vegetable and flower seeds, and Langlois Market hot dog coupons. A new introduction: a variety of rock hounding type large stickers with two made especially for Langlois by Sun Design Graphics. We are also happy to announce that our Langlois food truck Great American Dave's will be on site both days. The very tasty menu is made with organic fresh foodstuff and includes gourmet tacos, sandwiches. One great plus: expresso coffee. The donations from various businesses, nurseries, and the community have been quite phenomenal as usual: Valley Flora, Stillwater Natives Nursery, Shinglehouse Nursery, Dragonfly Farm & Nursery, Nicki's Knick- Knacks, Langlois Market, Ray's of Port Orford. and Westside Growers.

The proceeds from this event goes to our charitable programs. If you should come across old glasses, hearing aids, and/or cell phones during your spring cleaning, please drop them off at the sale or in the box at the Langlois Post Office. These items are recycled and distributed to those in need. There will be plenty of coffee, parking spaces and opportunities to connect with fellow green thumbs. If you have any plants to donate, please drop them off on May 16th th at the club or call Deanna at 542 348 2507 if different arrangements are needed or for more info.

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The Coffis Brothers and Tiller of the Moon - Music at the Cheese Factory Sat, May 11th

The Coffis Brothers and Tiller of the Moon - Music at the Cheese Factory Sat, May 11th


The Coffis Brothers are a five-piece rock-n-roll band from the Santa Cruz Mountains
The Coffis Brothers are a five-piece rock-n-roll band from the Santa Cruz Mountains whose sound is one-part California, one-part heartland, with a touch of the blues mixed in. Founded in 2011 by brothers Kellen and Jamie, The Coffis Brothers are strong musicians, song writers, and singers who amp the room with good vibes reminiscent of Graham Parsons, Tom Petty, and the Avett Brothers. Coos Bay’s very own ‘Tiller of the Moon’ will start off the evening with their driving Americana anthems and country folk ballads. Hope to see you there!! Read more about The Coffis Brothers and Tiller of the Moon - Music at the Cheese Factory Sat, May 11th

2nd Annual 'Get Rockin in Langlois' April 27th at the Lions Club

2nd Annual 'Get Rockin in Langlois' April 27th at the Lions Club


Get Rockin in Langlois

The Langlois Lions Club is again hosting an event: " Get Rockin in Langlois", a small town fair for rock aficionados and beach lovers on Saturday, April 27th 9am- 5 pm. at the Lions Club, 48136 Floras Lake Loop. Last year's was a huge success and had been the first of its kind on this part of the southern Oregon. It seemed as if every local rock hound showed up, not to mention others from the northern Oregon coast and even some from out-of-state.

Admission is free with donations appreciated and/or to buy raffle tickets. The raffle features donations from local businesses and artisans the on-site vendors with wonderful contributions and splendid donations from members of the Art by the Sea Gallery in Bandon.

The main features: Speakers: Geoff Ogle and Matt Vegar: "Tutorial on Rock Identification" 9 am -10 am. Kent Gibson, renown fossil expert- national Katherine Palmer Award for avocational paleontology: " My Fossil Journey." 10:30 am. -11: 30 am. Cody Easom: " How to Make the Best of Rock Tumbling", 1:30 am -2:30pm. A new, most welcome addition: Bob Vernal, master large rock stacker: Demonstration of rock stacking with smaller rocks and a talk on his Irish experience with a Land Art Festival: 3 pm- 4 pm. Bob will also have a built a stone arch outside the club for all to view during event hours. The speakers are partially underwritten by a grant received from the Curry County Cultural Coalition and the Oregon Cultural Trust.

The fossil/rock experts will be on hand all day long. The fourth expert, K Thomas Myers, author of the pocket guide "Agates of the Oregon Coast," will bring a display to see and feel samples up close and personal. You are invited to bring in your mystery rocks and fossils with a limit of 3. More features: great selection of vendors with beach-themed products such as art, jewelry, and plants. We are very pleased that the " Creative Collective of Port Orford", an art co-op, is on board with a variety of artistic expressions. Other Demonstrations: Heidi Foss: zen rock stacking with patron involvement. Calvin Davis: Cabochon cutting, Special kids' corner-instructor present: Fish printing: 9am-1 pm. Rock painting 1 pm-5pm. Free rocks available. Adults also welcome if space available.

A special lunch unique to our event: a red lentil soup-Mercimek Çorbası - a Turkish favorite, with pita & hummus, & small salad for suggested donation of $6.00. Rave reviews last year.

The event also provides the opportunity for people to meet and greet other like-minded people, maybe, even a bit of show and tell. Please follow the FB page " Rockin' in Langlois" for more information such as vendor details as become available. Otherwise, contact D. McDermott : call 541 348 2507, text 541 251 1530 or FB message.


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Lions Chili Feed 23rd and Gift Card Scam warning

Chili Feed & Dessert Auction March 23rd at the Lions Club


The Langlois Lions Club is hosting a benefit Chili Feed and Dessert Auction Saturday, March 23th from 5 pm- 7-pm. Dessert auction 6pm.- sharp. The event is is located at the Lions Club: 48136 Floras Lake Loop. It is very easy to find, only a few blocks off Hwy 101 just south of Langlois. The dinner offering is a bowl of tasty chili, home -made corn bread and coleslaw. Vegetarian option available. Coffee, tea, water and punch is included. The suggested donation is $7/ per serving..

This event’s proceeds will go towards our Pacific High School scholarship and building upgrades funds. The auction is often the most fun part of the event with everyone leaving happy even if outbid for the desserts.

The community members have been so supportive of our fund-raising events. It is very appreciated. We hope this neighborly tradition continues with donations of one's favorite dessert. If you can not attend, desserts may still be dropped off at the Lions Club, preferably around 5 pm. Pick-up of desserts can also be arranged.

For more info: contact 541 348 2242


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Locals hit with Gift Card Scam: Here's how to avoid


Only scammers will tell you to buy a gift card, like a Google Play or Apple Card, and give them the numbers off the back of the card. No matter what they say, that’s a scam. No real business or government agency will ever tell you to buy a gift card to pay them. Always keep a copy of your gift card and store receipt. Use them to report gift card scams to the gift card company and ask for your money back.

How Gift Card Scams Work

Gift card scams start with a call, text, email, or social media message. Scammers will say almost anything to get you to buy gift cards — like Google Play, Apple, or Amazon cards — and hand over the card number and PIN codes. Here are some common tactics scammers use in gift card scams:

  • Scammers will say it’s urgent. They will say to pay them right away or something terrible will happen. They don’t want you to have time to think about what they’re saying or talk to someone you trust. Slow down. Don’t pay. It’s a scam.
  • Scammers will tell you which gift card to buy (and where). They might say to put money on an eBay, Google Play, Target, or Apple gift card. They might send you to a specific store — often Walmart, Target, CVS, or Walgreens. Sometimes they’ll tell you to buy cards at several stores, so cashiers won’t get suspicious. The scammer also might stay on the phone with you while you go to the store and load money onto the card. If this happens to you, hang up. It’s a scam.
  • Scammers will ask you for the gift card number and PIN. The card number and PIN on the back of the card let the scammer get the money you loaded onto the card — even if you still have the card itself. Slow down. Don’t give them those numbers or send them a photo of the card. It’s a scam.

Read more about it at: https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/avoiding-and-reporting-gift-card-scams


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Langlois Boil Water Advisory Lifted - DRINK AS USUAL!

Langlois Boil Water Advisory Lifted - DRINK AS USUAL!


Best news. We just got the water test back and we are off boil notice. The tank is full of clean water so no more restrictions. We had a company out of Riddle OR come and help us assess the situation which resulted in a new $3,750.00 chemical pump. This along with some other changes to the plant has proven to help our situation and improve things considerably. Please continue to spread the word and let everyone know. Please thank Kevin Gleason and Zach for working hard and putting in some dang hard and long hours.


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