Community Outreach Program-Langlois Library


Tuesday, January 26, 2016 -
1:00pm to 3:00pm

 Ginger Pearson from Coast Community Health Center (CCHC) will be at the Langlois Public Library on January 26th from 1p-3p and again on February 2nd from 5p-7p. She will be introducing individuals in Curry County to Self-Sufficiency Programs. These programs include such things as OHP, Energy Efficient Applications, Vaccination Information, Food Stamps, Food Bank, Help for the Homeless, Rental Information, Weatherization programs, etc.

Nanaymie Godfrey from Coos Health &Wellness will be discussing Social Isolation of the Elderly and homebound individuals as well a elderly suicide. I encourage those of you in the Langlois area to attend these programs if you or someone you know needs assistance.

In a small town like ours, we count on our friends and neighbors. Some people may not know how to ask for help, and these two women may be just what they need! Your ‘butting’ in may just be the right thing! For information call Karen at the library 348-2066.


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