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Recreational crabbing open from Floras Creek to California border

SALEM — The Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announced the opening of the ocean and bay recreational crab fishery along the southern Oregon coast from Floras Creek (just north of Port Orford) to the California border.

The ocean and bay recreational crab fishery also remains open along the northern coast from Tillamook Head to the mouth of the Columbia River, including the area inside the Columbia River mouth. Tillamook Head is located between Seaside and Cannon Beach.

The 210-mile area between Tillamook Head and Floras Creek will remain closed to ocean and bay recreational crabbing due to elevated levels of domoic acid recently detected in the viscera of Dungeness crab.

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Do Pacific Northwesterners Have An Accent?

I thought this was an interesting read (even though it's from Washington State). Nothing about Crick or Creek though.   Story by

Do Pacific Northwesterners have an accent and what does it sound like? Listener Molly in Tacoma asked that question as part of KUOW's Local Wonder series. Molly never thought she had an accent until she moved to Virginia and was told she had one. Some regional accents are obvious. But many in the Pacific Northwest describe themselves as speaking “standard,” “normal,” or “plain” English. But is that really the case? What do the experts say? Luckily for us, we have one of the world’s foremost experts on Pacific Northwest English right here on the University of Washington campus. Professor Alicia Wassink is director of the school’s sociolinguistics laboratory. She laughed in response to Molly’s question, and then said yes, everybody has an accent. Ours may be subtle, but if you know what to listen for, it’s definitely there. In fact, researchers have recently examined more closely at how people speak throughout the region and are finding that accents can vary between Oregon, western and eastern Washington.

Vowels And Mergers

For decades, scholars didn’t pay much attention to how people in the Pacific Northwest spoke. Linguistic textbooks grouped everyone from the Western United States together into one regional dialect. Wassink grew up in Philadelphia, and when she arrived here 17 years ago, she suspected that wasn’t quite right. One piece of evidence? Transplants like herself sometimes misunderstood the locals. She told the story of a student from Rhode Island who, when he arrived on campus, was invited to a party. He baked a cake, which he thought was the party’s theme. “And when he got there he was shocked to discover that he had brought entirely the wrong thing to the party,” Wassink explained. “He thought that he was being invited to a ‘cake’ party, and he was being invited to a ‘keg’ party.” Wassink wanted to know whether the confusion between words like "cake" and "keg" was widespread.

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Save the Seadog

You probably already head, the SeaDog fishing vessel caught fire while in port in Newport (a local Charleston boat). The wheelhouse is a total loss. Long time resident of the area including Port Orford and Bandon, owner and Captain John Mygatt will not be able to rebuild without the help from the community. And we don’t need to loose yet another fishing boat from our fleet!


  • From deck hand to engineer and now the Owner and Captain of the SeaDog, John Mygatt has served our community and our fleet of fishermen for over 15 years! Now he needs our help!
  • Every day the fishermen in our local fleet risk their lives to bring precious fresh cargo from the Pacific Ocean to our tables. We sit back and enjoy the tuna, cod, salmon, crab and some - even the eels! They don't get rich and the life is hard but their love of the Sea keeps them going. Some of the small, individually owned boats, barely make enough to make ends meet and pay the bills, spending what's left just to continue fishing. A disaster or unexpected repair costing just a few thousand dollars can threaten their continued operation, keeping them from fishing and providing for their families.
  • So we ask you, their community to join together and help us create a fund to help them. Donations received in excess of those used to repair the SeaDog will be placed into a fund to help the next boat survive... Please give generously!
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World Famous Blueberries - from the World

South Coast blueberry industry bursting with opportunity


SOUTH COAST — Bandon, Langlois and Port Orford are known for their cranberry farms, but there's another berry growing in popularity along the South Coast.

The Oregon blueberry industry has experienced more than 100 percent growth in less than 10 years, going from fewer than 20 million pounds of blueberries harvested in the late 1990s to nearly 40 million pounds in recent harvests.

Fresh Oregon blueberries are a hot commodity these days for many reasons — incredible taste, the highest quality and peerless nutritional value being just a few. And Oregon's South Coast is ripe with opportunity for those interested in growing blueberries.


Heather Valentine, 24, of Valentine Blueberries, a family business offering U-pick and pre-picked, understands the value of the berry. Her father Charlie, a building contractor and heavy equipment operator by trade, planted 7.5 acres of blueberries on Sydnam Lane, 11 miles south of Bandon, eight years ago.

"We didn't know what we were doing getting into it," Heather Valentine said. "It's been a learning experience."

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