Langlois 20th Annual Craft Fair



The Langlois Lions in partnership with the Langlois Library will hold their 20th annual craft fair Friday and Saturday November 20 and 21rd from 9 am- 4pm at the Lions Club, 48136 Floras Lake Lp Rd just south of Langlois off Hwy 101. The event features many vendors with a wide range of high quality items ranging from art to gourmet tuna; from jewelry and crafted household and personal wear items such as hand knit wool socks and hats. Specifically, the Lions sponsor the baked goods table and supply the gourmet lunches. The Friends of the Library does the cookies. Our craft fair is almost famous- known for one of the best holiday bazaars around. It will be well worth a trip, especially if you haven't ever tasted the traditional soup of  Turkey, not to mention the complimentary and classic ( surprise) dessert. Read more about Langlois 20th Annual Craft Fair

Pierre Langlois - a tourist from Quebec tells his famliy history

Dan recorded this back in June of 2014 from a fellow on a motorcycle tour from Canada named Pierre Langlois.  It's pretty cool -- all back to RIchard the Lion Hearted.  The French people called the administrators Langlois, which derives as 'The English'.  Have a listen.

Full Resolution Audio (over 1 mb)

MP3 version (much smaller for us in the Bandwidth Ghetto)


Read more about Pierre Langlois - a tourist from Quebec tells his famliy history


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