RIP Dan Heinzman -- Amazing Langois Computer Geek -- Respect

Geeks know each other.  I've known Dan since he was a little kid.. he was a geek then and died a geek the other day.  Dang.  We'd swap geek jobs once in a while.. if I couldn't do a job maybe I'd phone Dan and have him take care of some problem with some windows system and I knew he'd do a good job. And he'd do the same for me (one time he fobbed this lawyer video conference job off on me that was a giant nightmare but it was at a good rate .. thanks Dan .. you ashole heh ).  We weren't buddies but we were geeks working in a small town and it was nice to know if I got a call I couldn't do .. i'd know Dan would fix some old ladies computer and not over charge her and he'd do a good job.    Like one time, we're at the Langlois market trying to debug this photo machine Jake bought from rite aide before it got bought out and no NT password .. i'm like sheesh.. ok .. Dan pulls out a boot crack CD (he had one in his car like a true geek does)  that lets us hack the password and reset the system so Jake can use this thing.. and he did it for nothing..just being a good neighbor.  Dan did the local libraries PC work.. cobbling together the crappy systems and making them work with old hardware and .. he just made it work. So he's gone ..


The covid got him and he died.  Mask up and wash your hands.  It's no joke .. one of our own in Langlois is dead.  I'll miss you bro