Footnote 4 Dairyville

It is fairly common lore that U. S. postal authorities asked the postmaster of Dairyville to change its postal name due to confusion sorting mail for Dayville in Grant County, eastern Oregon. Louis Knapp told the story in an article he submitted to The World in Coos Bay published Oct. 26, 1974. An additional article in the Sept. 27, 1975 edition of The World gives a similar explanation, adding that the name change officially happened in 1891. J.H. Upton endorsed the explanation in a story for Bandon’s Western World, Dec. 14, 1916, and there is additional confirmation in the June 28th and July 1st 1927 editions of the Oregon Journal. Finally, in the book Langlois 1881- 1981 the explanation is reiterated on page 2. Sorting the mail for Dairyville may have been further complicated by the fact that there was also a Dairyville in Eastern Oregon (1870) which later became Hardman….which later became a ghost town.