Our library- heart of the community and yes, world famous

The Langlois Public Library

48234 Highway 101

Langlois, Oregon 97450






Langlois is home to a small, but excellent public library. The library is located on the south end of the village, on the west side of Highway 101. The library building is clearly signposted and easily seen from the highway. The building features an unusual star-shaped roof.

The library’s collection includes books, DVDs, audio books, magazines, and newspapers. Free wi-fi is available, as are computers offering internet access. Visitors do not need to get a library card to use the computers or wi-fi.

The library has well-established procedures for borrowing books and DVDs not available at Langlois from other libraries throughout the state, using inter-library loan.

The library hosts many free programs and events, including a monthly movie night, a monthly book club, and an ongoing series titled Interesting Langlois. Concerts, historical re-enactments, and lectures are also offered. The library is unusual in a number of respects, among them the fact we are dog-friendly!

The south Oregon coast is spectacular. Visitors from around the world come to enjoy the beaches and dramatic coastline, to hike the many scenic trails, and to enjoy the unique history of the region. Highway 101 is very popular with bicyclists and motorcyclists. Many tourists and seasonal residents make good use of the library; our guest book includes many entries written by visitors from Europe (especially Germany), Asia, Australia, and South America - Langlois truly is world famous!

The Library is open from 11 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday.

Submitted by Scott Alan Smith, librarian


Langlois Library
Langlois Library- note the roof.

Langlois Library- note the roof