Important notice to Langlois Water District Customers - UPDATE!

The repair to the valve and mainline have been made. A big shout out and thank you to Bandon Water Utilities folks!!
Update. You should all have water available now However, the Boil Water Notice is in effect and we ask you to conserve until tomorrow morning. The mainline was not opened up as part of the repair (they were able to patch it). As with all water systems algae etc. collect inside all pipes, when water pressure is lowered or disrupted it causes those particulates to break free and wash through the system.
The leak was significant enough to pretty much drain the main storage tank before it could be fixed, as a result we must create enough processed water to fill the main storage tank to a level where we can safely flush the whole system. We are making water all night tonight and are confident we can perform the flush in the morning around 8-9 Am. After which all users should run their home systems to ensure clear water is present. Once all water tests results from the established points come back clean and approved, the boil water notice will be lifted by the State at which time we will pass the info to you.
Thank You,
*Important notice to Langlois Water District Customers***
Langlois Water District is addressing a leaking blow out valve on the mainline below the water plant. There is no contamination to the water supply at this point. We are contacting contractors who can repair this valve leak and are awaiting responses from them so we may establish a date and time for repair. Once that is established A temporary shut off of water service will be required with a boil water notice. We will post a hard copy notice at the market, library, post office and office door. Electronic information will be posted through this website and Langlois Water District Thank you.