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The True Story of the Famous Hot Dog

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The True Story of the Famous Langlois Hot Dog


After the expansion of the Langlois Market in " 1981", the need for a deli was a must due to the Tucker saw mill gang. * The mill employed quite a few workers all looking for something to eat at their morning and afternoon breaks . Truckers going up and down 101 seemed to be hungry as well As we pondered on what to sell, my mother-in-law Muriel Sweet suggested our selling hot dogs using her famous mustard recipe. She knew people enjoyed her mustard from all the compliments she received every time served it at picnics.

During the course of the past thirty-three years, our hot dogs have become famous throughout the area. It is the combination of serving a very delicious frankfurter made with beef and pork, Muriel’s' home- made mustard and just the right pickle combination. It is the word- of -mouth advertizing that seems to bring people from far and near to sample our dogs. People will drop in and say, " I just have to try one of your hot dogs that I heard about." Some people even go as far as to say they are " world famous."

Submitted by Lee Pestana of the Langlois Market.

*Tucker Mill: Of historic importance. 1st established on Langlois Mountain in the 1940s.

Moved to Langlois in the 1950s, closed in the late 1990s. The mill employed 19 men in the early 1980s having provided the men of Langlois gainful employment for almost 50 years. (Strain, Floras Creek Precinct.)


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