Links to OPB series: Project Denmark- cousin to Langlois

Check out these links to an Oregon Public Broadcasting series: Project Denmark  ( yes, our Denmark) with interviews with many local people that you  may recognize--  inhabitants of Denmark, OR

Series completed  2009, but is still a very timely topic.









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Langlois - Gateway to Denmark Oregon

Denmark, Oregon - Cousin to Langlois
(by Bonnie Jensen Cox)

There was a time when Langlois School (aka "Dairyville School") was referred to as the "north side school" to distinguish it from Denmark, Oregon's "south side school." That was in 1885 when Dairyville's school sat on the north bank of Floras Creek, and the community of Denmark was contained in its first location nearer Floras Creek than Willow Creek. Later, Langlois School would be moved inside the town's platted boundaries, and the focal point of Denmark would be adjacent to Willow Creek Bridge as articulated on a map that my father, Charlie Jensen, drew for me when he was 102. The relevance of the two communities to each other might suggest a cousin kinship. Read more about Langlois - Gateway to Denmark Oregon


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