Good Reading Langlois

The Oregon Room at the Langlois Public Library

Good Reads about Langlois and Surrounding Area

Field Guide to Oregon Rivers

Field Guide to Oregon Rivers: Palmer, Tim. ( 2014). Written by one of the country's great conservationist and paddlers. Lives in Port Orford. Short section on the New River. The section on the rivers' natural history alone is well worth a read. 551.48

Characters, legends and mysteries of Curry County, Oregon :
A story about some of the whimsical characters, some people who made Curry County the great place it is today, and a few mysteries / Walt Schroeder; edited by Betty Van Leer. (2007) 979.50. Walt remains one of Curry County's most beloved figures. He worked as the county extension agent, served in the Oregon Legislature, help to found the Curry County Historical museum plus many other accomplishments. He loved working on trails. He received National Coast Trail Association’s highest special award for outstanding achievement in developing missing links in the Oregon Coast Trail.

Denmark Cemetery Obituaries. 1902-2002. Combined effort of Paul & Jewell Shelton and Andy Christensen. (2003). Features 325 obituaries + appendix of 200 added names without obituaries. Excellent for a view of Langlois life and for family history. 920.Den



Floras Creek Presinct

Floras Creek Precinct and the Boice family of Curry County : featuring Cope, Guerin, Phillips & Strain families and other pioneers / Patti Boice Strain. (2003). This 800 + page volume documents local history in detail with great photographs. Highly recommended. This treasure trove is great even if just browsing through. 979.521

God and the mustard plaster : the life of Hazel Wheeler Hofsess.  A  twentieth century pioneer story as told by her family & friends compiled by Donna Halcumb. (2003) . 921.H

A history of the Langlois family in Coos and Curry counties, Oregon . Compiled by Sydney L. Williams, Jr. (2005 ) 979.521

Lakeport, Ghost Town of the South Oregon Coast: An Oregon Documentary Paperback . Webber, Bert & Margie. (1990) Well- respected photojournalist who had written more than 86 books (often co-authored with wife) on history of the Pacific North West. 979.521

 Oregon's Coos Region Canoe and Keyak Guide

Oregon's Coos Region Canoe and Kayak Guide . Ron Wardman. (2001) Great resource for flat-water paddling including Langlois area. 797.1224

More characters, legends and mysteries of Curry County, Oregon : More stories about some of the whimsical characters, some people who made Curry County the great place it is today, and a few mysteries. Walt Schroeder;:edited by Robyn Glasgow Greenlund. (2007) 979.5

North Curry Elder Wisdom. Local Elders Speak Out on Life. . Ed. Shirley Nelson. (2007) Features one Langlois resident. 979.5092.


Oregon's Names: How to Say Them and Where are They Located. Bert Webber. (1995). 917.95

Port Orford and North Curry County (Images of America series). Ed: Shirley Nelson. (2010). A compilation of great historic photos from various collections. 979.5

Langlois 1881-1981

The Pioneers of Langlois / Langlois 1981-1981. Centennial Committee staff: Annabelle Haga et al. (1982). A wonderful compilation of historic photos and family histories with sections on haying, bridges, streets, schools, sheep, etc. Highly recommended. 979.52

Prized concoctions : more than 350 favorite recipes of Langlois area cooks / Compiled by the Langlois chapter Rural Women's Club of America. No date. Slim volume with traditional recipes of the area. 641.5

The Way It Really Was. Boyd Stone. (1993). A collection of historic events, people and local towns. based on oral histories and local lore & anecdotes. 979.52

Umbrella Guide to Bicycling the Oregon Coast. Robin Cody. ( 1990). 796.64