Curry County business COVID-19 updates

Greetings Curry business owners and partners,

As the reality of COVID-19 begins to resonate, we are developing and activating programs that will help in mitigating the effects this epidemic is having on our local economy.

Miranda Plagge of the Curry County Economic Development Department and Crissy Cooper of West Coast Adventures are establishing a tourism and event outreach program. They will be working in partnership with state and regional tourism partners. They will be collecting the data of economic impact and loss related to COVID-19. With that, you may be asked to track your losses and participate in surveys. This information is critical in economic recovery and we look forward to partnering with those agencies that will have information to provide.

We will be attending a small  business support conference call with Senator Merkley tomorrow morning. I look forward to sharing with you, the efforts being put forth.

The hub of information and resource pertaining to COVID-19 in Curry County can be found here: This website contains information that is being updated throughout the day by the Public Health Administrator, Emergency Services Manager and the Economic Development Department. If you find there is information that would be helpful to add, please let us know so that we can submit that request.

We are also working with George Rhodes in developing an SBA task force. We have seen how overwhelming these circumstances can be, especially on a small business with limited resources. We want to make sure that every business is afforded the opportunity and support needed to execute economic recovery.

As always, we continue to make updates available through these daily emails, on the Curry County Economic Development website: and on our Facebook page:

ORLA (Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association) has been diligent in advocating for restaurants and lodging business:

The Governor published the Oregon State website relating specifically to COVID-19:

I realize we have shared many websites for resource. All of those resources will be made available at

Kind regards,

Summer Matteson

Economic Development

Curry County, OR division of Community Development

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