[BOIL WATER LIFTED ALL IS GOOD] Langlois Water update as of 3:15 Pm 30 Nov 23

Langlois Water update as of 315 Pm 30 Nov 23. The water system is flushed and cleared from the shutoff in the line to the water plant. The plant continues to make water. We are at 1/3 of capacity now. With the flushing and community use it's going to take a while to catch up. The coliform test is submitted to McGowan Clinical Lab. They said they will have the results back to us by 2pm tomorrow. I asked for expedited results if possible due to our situation. They said they would try.

Bottom line, the water is on, it will take some time for the folks at higher elevation to receive water again. It is a gravity fed system. We are just waiting for the test results and State approval to lift the Boil Water Notice.


-Langlois Water District

From Floras Creek Coffee Co.

Hey now! Just got off phone with Oregon Department of Agriculture and temperatures on Strada espresso machine (200F) and our drip machine (195F) are good to bypass boil notice when it takes effect. We will be doing more extensive hand washing with utensils when boil notice is on. All good! Dang! We do appreciate the folks that keep our water system up and running, thank you Langois Water District!!

Dan from Langlois commented "We are making water all night tonight and are confident we can perform the flush in the morning."
-- If not, consult your urologist.   Nice one Dan!