Vote for Solar at Valley Flora!

Remember to VOTE for SOLAR at Valley Flora every day this month!!!

You can check out our project and vote by typing “Valley Flora” into the search bar at:

This month we are in a popular vote race against 100+ other farms around the country to win the final grant funds for our 12 kW solar installation. The top five highest vote-getters will receive grant funds ranging from $10K (first place) to $2K (5th place). We are running at about 13th place right now and the voting ends January 31st. We have wonderful, loyal supporters voting for us every day right now - you're amazing! Thank you!

Spread the word, vote daily, and help us make the top five before January 31st! Read more about Vote for Solar at Valley Flora!

Dungeness crab season set to open on Friday


Despite fears that the season opener for Dungeness crab could be further delayed, commercial fishermen will be able to set their gear Tuesday in parts of Oregon and Washington state, fishery managers announced. Fishermen will be able to start pulling their gear on Friday.
The valuable commercial fishery traditionally starts on Dec. 1, but was delayed after tests showed crab had not filled out enough. In Oregon, from Cape Arago south to Gold Beach, crab are still below the state’s meat quality criteria and these areas will remain closed.
According to recent testing in Oregon and Washington state, crab in the areas that will open are just over the threshold.
And give some love to our Langlois Crabbers a
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Droves of Wild Elk Are Chasing Down Minivans and Harassing Residents on the Oregon Coast (Willamette Week)

For years, the Oregon coastal county has been under siege as hundreds of the hungry animals wander into small towns like Astoria, Gearhart and Warrenton, High Country News reports.

One Gearhart resident, Pauline Como, tells High Country she was recently attacked in her minivan by an elk who charged at her vehicle and gnawed at the door, "leaving bovine-sized teeth marks."

Others say the massive herds are prone to shut down highways, trample pets, graze on gardens and do tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to area golf courses.


(editorial note: so much jerky so little time.. there is a clear solution to this so called problem :)

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